5 reasons Bare Minerals foundation works

The Ready Wear

The Ready Wear

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The Skin Set

The Skin Set


Bare Minerals Foundation

It’s good for you!


1. It’s all natural – nothing synthetic at all!

2. It doesn’t itch, doesn’t cake, isn’t oily

3. It goes on like powder, feels like a cream but is neither dry nor sticky

4. It is available at competitive prices all across the web – you can cut the right deal

5. You can sleep in it – and it will only do your skin good


Official Website: http://www.bareescentuals.com/
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Neem is the Name of the Game – Fat Loss & More

neem-leavesWhat do you know about Azadirachta indica or Neem? Precious little has been passed on to the West about this miracle tree/leaf even though it’s uses are WILDLY popular in the Indian sub-continent, and particularly in India, where it’s urban nomenclature is  - the Indian Lilac.

The Neem tree is tree that belongs to the mahogany family that grows mainly in tropical and sub-tropical zones

My interest in this potent herbal factor was roused when I read a recent article on Neem extract’s possibility as a cure for cancer, particularly in bolstering the immunity in cancer patients. Times of India explores this subject in depth to conclude that the neem extract- a glycoprotein –  fortifies our immune system and does in fact aid in fighting cancer, specifically as a therapeutic vaccine – a fact that has now been patented by the Chittaranjan National Cancer Research Institute (CNCRI), India. Continue reading

Fat Loss Factor – Determining Real Reviews Vs. Scam Content

It works – Its Work!

Recently, on one very good product review site, I saw someone use the phrases “It Works” and “It’s Work” to differentiate between the pros and cons of a program. Suitably impressed, I was led into thinking how this could be converted into a whole category of its own kind – Scam Reviews and Real Reviews.

Specifically, since this website was designed as my review for the Fat Loss Factor – I wanted to spend a minute sharing my thoughts on what is the real truth behind reviews and testimonials and how easily one can cross over to grey hat areas, without being duplicitous. Continue reading

Working with a Weight Loss Calendar

Have you ever wondered how folks stay healthy realistically and consistently? Are you someone who looks at this one person in your circle of friends who never seems to gain any weight, regardless of what they (seemingly) gorge on at parties and social dos?

If so, then you are probably like tons of other people out there, regular people like you and me who keep trying to find the right healthy weight loss regimen, and then crucially, sticking with it. The latter, like I stated, a crucial cog in the wheel is actually the most difficult part of the process. But, it is also the most rewarding!  Continue reading

What’s your Fat Loss Factor?

charles loriAre you someone who maintains a food diary (at least mentally), hits the gym, spends hours at the pool and is consumed by the need to follow a steady, workable, consistent and most importantly, a holistic health and wellness program? Then, you’re like me.

Like you, I had heard the big buzz behind the The Fat Loss Factor diet. Consumers are all over it, marketers are aggressive about it, the program itself comes with some iron clad guarantees, so it was definitely worth a look-see.

Net-Net: The Fat Loss Factor is not a fad. Is it as great as a 360 degree organic, healthy and active lifestyle? Maybe not entirely so – but that’s because the customer for this program is looking at quick results, quickly achieved. For this category of customers, this plan, (I am purposely calling it a plan and not a program for its needs to be repeated over and over for you to maintain your ideal weight) does work.

Here’s a simple break down for why it works. For more comprehensive reviews and more aggressive pitches, you can visit the product website or read comprehensive reviews from customers – be warned though not all of them are bona fide – so not all of them are representative.

Fit or Fat

  1. The format is VISUAL; understanding a video that details a step-by-step process is far more productive, for obvious reasons
  2. It recommends you eat at a reasonable caloric deficit and supplement with exercise.
  3. It works on the premise that most weight loss programs work on – high interval intensity training (HIIT) three times per week and the awareness and consumption of critical foods that impact your metabolism positively.
  4. It recommends eating smaller portions of the said food items.

To add to the video walkthrough there’s some other cool stuff that comes with any purchase of the Fat Loss Factor such as:

•An exercise tracker that is to say, you still have your food diary (remember how many boxed pre packaged celeb food programs cash in on this?) Here – it’s yours FREE.

•Sample workouts and a measurement guide.
•An aggressive approach to HOLISTIC metabolism gate-check in the form of cleanse videos for a two week detox process that kicks off the diet.
•A complete workout routine blueprint, with three levels of intensity and difficulty
•A list of recipes and your very own grocery  checklist to ensure feeding your body well as it responds to the routine

charlesandloriYep & Nope

Let’s take a quick look at the Pros & Cons of the Fat Loss Factor:

The Pros

  • Lifestyle Change – not a Fad
  • Tips and tricks to keep you going
  • Visual and repeatable
  • Database of recipes
  • Affordable pricing backed with 60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee
  • Scalable exercise routines

The Cons

  • It’s not a pop pill that will deliver results overnight
  • Diet & Exercise routine requires commitment

The Jungle Noise

Pay attention to what others are saying! Regardless of my own belief that this would work for me, I decided to scan through the actual product website to see what others like me were experiencing (not just reviewing). I want to share this vital piece of information with you because, if you’re still on the fence with the Fat Loss Factor, you might want to hear all sides of the argument.

For the sake of relevance, I will focus on the latest reviews only. Feel free to explore the parent site further, if you so wish.

Reviewer Rita (Age 25-34) says

Thank you so much for this wonderful program I have been on the Turbo weight loss calendar and I have lost 10 pounds in five days. I am so grateful and have much gratitude for the people who have put this program together. Thank you

Reviewer ELDA (Age 55-64) says

I’m very glad I found FLF! I have several food allergies to wheat, corn, soy, peanuts, walnuts, just to name a few. So I was totally THRILLED when I discovered FLF and Dr. Charles! Their products are high quality and don’t contain any of the ingredients that I am allergic too. The added side benefit is, I can lose all the fat that I don’t need. I’ve already lost several pounds and I know that I will never see them again with the support of FLF and Dr. Charles.

Reviewer Mary (Age 45-54) says

It’s only been one week since I started the program & have have already lost 5 pounds. I had tried everything, from exhausting exercises to strict dieting. Nothing seemed to work. I am extremely satisfied with the results I’m getting do soon. I recommend this program to all those who are tired of achieving little to, no results. This program really works!

Reviewer Pushpa (Age 45-54) says

I have just been on this program for the past 1 week and i am starting to lose the last 5lbs which i have been trying to lose for a long long time. The reason i wanted to join this program was because my weight had reached the plateau and i was not seeing any changes despite the exercising etc,One thing for sure is that to lose weight your body has to be in the alkaline state.plus i love the HIIT that was given. Thanks again FLF

(SOURCE: The Fat Loss Factor Website)

The consistency in the positive reviews from people like you and me, people from all walks of life, myriad nationalities and most importantly, across age groups makes for a very convincing case. It worked for them, just as it is working for me!

The Verdict

If you’re at crossroads about giving this program a try, I highly recommend it. Know that you will need to be willing to follow the program diligently – it’s not difficult but it works on consistency.

Disclaimer: Please be wary of any special offers and discounts. At this point, what is on this site and on the product site is what is being comprehensively offered.



…and don’t forget to leave a comment here on how it turned out for you!



Zest up your meal the Lemon-ease way!

Here are 3 QUICK RECIPES that work the magic of lemon into your body right away. The juice on lemon juice – 88% of your body’s vitamin C needs covered in about 30 calories. Need I say more?


Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes

Serving: 1 portion

  1. Slice one ripe yellow lemon
  2. Squeeze the juice in a bowl and add a pinch of cinnamon powder to it
  3. Set aside for 3-5 minutes
  4. Mix it with one glass of warm water – do not sieve!

Drink this magic potion daily in the morning on an empty tummy.

The Juice: This is one of  the easiest fat reducing tips.

Extra Value Proposition: Use the lemon peel to enhance the flavor in your tea. Add half a teaspoon of HONEY to sweeten the drink. Continue reading